Tips for buying the cheapest foreclosures in Wisconsin

Buyers and sellers never share a single opinion. Normally, potential buyers hold distinct opinions with respect to purchasing a foreclosure when compared to banks when they have to sell their homes. For instance, when you are interested in buying a cheap foreclosure, you tend to assume that nearly all foreclosures sell for fifty cents on the dollar

Unfortunately, this is a misconceived idea. Foreclosures operate differently as compared to other types of Green Bay Wisconsin homes for sale.

It is interesting how the media always publicize bank foreclosures. They always talk about how the economy is slowing and the number of foreclosures are still high during our meager economic growth. Interestingly, without knowing better, ordinary buyers begin to think that banks are in a state of desperation to sell all these foreclosures. Consequently, you might be tempted to assume that banks will be more than willing to sell properties less than market value. But, is this really true for home or land for sale in Green Bay Wisconsin?

Factors making foreclosures to appear as cheap

Foreclosures are not always cheap! You may be able to purchase a home cheaply, but foreclosures will usually bear the price of homes within the local market. Usually, the prices are lower because of declining markets in that area. All the homes are usually less, you must not be deceived into believing you are getting a 50% discount on the home! You’ll likely get a deal, but make sure you weigh in the market around you.

You also need to be aware of “as is sales” meaning you will likely have to take care of the damages left behind by angry people evicted from their homes, or the non-disclosures you would typically receive from a non-foreclosed home. Again, you can get a deal, just make sure you figure in repair costs.

Venues for buying cheap Foreclosures

Like any market, there are many places you can find cheap and affordable foreclosures to buy in Wisconsin. However, sometimes it can be very difficult to find foreclosures at a good deal. When you do, you have to draft an offer to purchase fast or the deal will be gone.  Experienced buyers of foreclosed homes usually snap up the deals fast and have an inside track with a Real Estate agent. Hence, you need to find the deal fast and try to write an offer right away. However, there are other alternatives especially when looking for bargains inGreen Bay Wisconsin homes for sale.


Note that like any other seller, banks are in the market to maximize their profits. They identify reliable agents to find an estimate value of their foreclosure. In return, agents weigh the condition of the home and tag its price. Later, other agents come in and compete to get the property for their clients. From their offers, a price is agreed upon. To find cheaper homes you need to either minimize competition for those foreclosures or find other alternative. Therefore, you might be interested to try getting homes or land for sale in Green bay Wisconsin from the following places:

–        A sheriff’s or trustee’s auction. You are likely to find auctions in newspapers and on local websites. Many of these sales are required to be published by Wisconsin state statute, and pre notice can be obtained by contacting your local County Clerk of Courts for legal action filing.

–        Tax Deed Sales. These are homes that do not have bank liens that the government foreclose on because they do not pay their taxes. These homes are free from liens or any special tax assessments when they are sold.

–        Private online auctions are another solution. In this case, it is recommended to identify a company or agent to investigate the property before you purchase it! Make sure the auction site is legitimate too.

–        You can also buy directly from a bank. You might get higher discounts if your buy more than one home!

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