Paint your home to get help on your home loan payments

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If you are struggling with your homeloan payments, then may be it is a high time to paint your house.This is because a leading advertising company will pay your mortgagesin exchange of painting your house with advertisements.

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If you are finding it extremelydifficult to make payments on your home loan regularly and thelenders are threatening to foreclose your property, then you shouldpaint your house immediately. You may think that how painting yourhome can help you in mortgage payments and protect your house fromforeclosure? Rather it is likely to increase your expenses which youcan’t possible afford at present. But the truth is, painting yourhouse will not only give it a fresh look but also can help you payback your lenders. Read along to know how painting your house canhelp you get mortgage help.

Paint your home and pay back yourlenders

A leading advertising firm has come upwith a unique and exciting offer for the homeowners. The company isoffering to pay the mortgages of the homeowners in return of paintingtheir houses. The company will paint the outside portion of thehomeowners’ houses with several advertisements. This basicallyimplies that after the painting is finished, the house will just looklike a billboard, featuring various advertisements.

This special offer is only available tothe homeowners though. The house to be painted should not be rentedor leased. Another rule is that, the homeowner can’t remove thepainting from the house for minimum 3 months. After 3 months, thehomeowner can request the firm to turn the house to its originalcolor. If the homeowner is interested, then this unique offer can bestretched to 1year also. The company will make the monthly mortgagepayments on behalf of the homeowner till the advertisements aredisplayed on the house.

It does not take a huge research toknow that painting does not come cheap. In the present economicscenario, the homeowners need to spend around $3000 to $5000 on thepaintings. This figure is the least amount homeowners need to pay forpainting their houses. So, this kind of an offer is undoubtedly goodnews for the struggling homeowners.

The advertising company has refused towork with the homeowners in those localities where it is illegal topaint the houses like a billboard. A senior member of the company hasreportedly said that the company will not do anything which violatesthe laws. They will agree to paint the houses fulfilling all thecriteria. He also added that the company is hopeful of gettingpositive response from the homeowners.

Last but not the least, severaldistressed homeowners participating in a renowned mortgage forum have expressed their happiness on hearing this particular news. Atpresent, they are more concerned about saving their cherished housesfrom possible foreclosures than the appearance of the homes. Afterall, this kind of an offer does not come often.

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