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Things to Consider When Writing a War Memoir War has a lasting effect that will pass from one generation to the next. Wars often cause so much distraction and many people would want to know of the happenings in order to prevent them from occurring again. War memoirs are a great way to express how it felt from the eyes on the ground. Such a book will give insight to those who want to know what the war meant for the soldiers and how they felt at the battle field. If you would like to create a memoir, then the tips mentioned here will be essential. The most important thing about a memoir is that the writer must have been a participant in the war. Wars have many casualties and while they will affect many people, very few of them will have a first-hand experience of the threats that soldiers will undergo on a daily basis. Even if you are a journalist, you will not have a clear idea of what it feels like to be on the battlefield. For this reason, only those who have been in the battlefield should write a memoir. If you are fighting a war and would like to write a memoir, it is important to start writing it immediately. To ensure that you don’t forget a think, record each happening in your journal. You will also have all the emotions and feelings clear in mind when you create your memoir early. You will remember how your fellow soldiers looked like in the field and the pains suffered. It will be easier for you to remember the people you were with in the battlefield and the experiences and places.
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Don’t leave anything out of the memoir. If there are embarrassing or brutal things that happened, ensure that they are included too. Such things will give readers a new angle from which to view the war and will distinguish your memoir from the rest. Whether it is a defeat, a moment where you had to shoot someone, or when people killed themselves to avoid pain, then they must make their way into the memoir. No matter the situation, just tell as it is.
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Many veterans usually make a mistake by including politics in their memoirs. Pre-war and post-war happenings shouldn’t be in your memoir, rather readers are only interested in what happened during the war. It is, therefore, essential that you stick to the confines of a memoir to create one that is interesting and tells the truth that happened on the ground. Ensure that you tell all stories of war. Leaving out others might seem like you are hiding up something or are taking sides. Talk of the good, bad, and ugly things as well as everything in between.




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