Insuring Your Watercraft with a Good Boat Insurance Policy

Water sports are extremely popular in South Africa and that means thereare numerous vessels in use on the waters across our country. 

Water sports are extremely popular inSouth Africa and that means there are numerous vessels in use on the watersacross our country. These may be holiday or weekend toys, but insuring yourwatercraft is incredibly important. And in the same vein, so knows what you’reprotecting your boat against. Knowing what your boat insurance policyprovides is important because it’ll allow you to exclude any unnecessaryextras, which will in turn save you money.


So what does bot insurance cover?

Firstly, the vessels which fall underboat insurance include most boats, and particularly ski boats, jet-skis and wetbikes. The policy will protect the hull, motor, machinery, equipment, standardfittings and accessories that would normally be sold with the relevantwatercraft. A boat insurance policyholder will also receive cover should anyemergency repairs, expenses, or medical expenses (including family members).You will also receive cover for any recovery accommodation or trauma treatmentin the unlikely event of you needing it.


Boat insurance policies will also coverpolicyholders against many liability losses, whether the owner is operating thevessel or not. However, the boat insurance cover will be slightly adjusted insuch situations, but you will still be protected against damage to any othercraft or dock, bodily injury, or death or another person due to negligence,towed water skiers, and even wake boarders who are injured as a result of beingtowed by your vessel.


Your boat insurance policy will alsocontinue to protect your watercraft should it incur any damage to the hull,machinery, equipment or any injury that you may have suffered by an uninsuredwatercraft operator. You will also receive towing assistance should you breakdown in the water and be unable to return to your jetty, or mooring point.


Finding the right boat insurance policyis equally important to finding the right car insurance policy or even yourcontents insurance policy for you home. This is especially important during theSouth African holiday season at the end of the year when many holidaymakersmake their way to the water masses across the country for some recreationalrelaxation. Shop around before deciding on a boat insurance policy to make surethat you get the most value for your money without compromising on the coveryou’ll receive. 

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