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4 Survival Tips You Must Know

Believe it or not, it has recently become a part of social consciousness to learn how to survive in the wild. In the next lines, you will be able to know about the top survival tips that you could use in the wild.

Tip number 1. Rules of 3 – this can help even newbie survivalist to recognize what should be prioritized in survival. To begin with, after 3 minutes of not getting enough oxygen, it is likely for a person to die, without shelter in harsh environment about 3 hours is actually the point in which life functions will stop, the human body can also go 3 days without drinking water and it’ll generally take 3 weeks to die out of hunger. As soon as the survivalist realizes the rules of 3, it will be easier to organize different tasks to stay alive.

Tip number 2. Understand the significance of cordage – as a matter of fact, cordage is string or rope of any dimension and size. With cordage, you will be able to either build a weapon or lash branches together for a shelter. As a matter of fact, cordage is thought to militaries of different nations. Expect that it will take time before mastering cordage and it seems that there is never enough. This is exactly the reason why many survival bands as well as reminder bands are made out of 550lbs test cordage.
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Cordage can actually mean the difference between rubbing sticks together and a bow for making fire. Cordage can also be used for fishing line or fishing net. If you’re able to grasp how to do cordage, it is your imagination that will limit you.
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Tip number 3. Learn where to find water – in reality, if you will observe your surroundings while out in the wild, the environment already tells you where and how to get water. You’ve got to make yourself aware of some ways on how you’ll be able to get water from the place you’re venturing into on the other hand. As soon as you find water, you’ll need to find a way to transport it. You can do something as primitive as using animal bladders or wood containers but if you’ve thought of this in advance, you have high quality plastic bags that weigh nearly nothing and be easily carried.

Tip number 4. Survival is not a sprint – you must stay calm and wait it out since survival is a war of attrition. Whether you’re waiting for rescuers or you’re inching way across countryside, undue haste is equivalent to waste. It serves to wasting excess energy and create higher demand for water and food by working at extremely high level of energy.