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Florida has its own distinguishable regulation about homeowners insurance, but the state has similar rules to those of some other states when it comes to auto insurance.

Florida is one of the 12 no-fault states in the U.S. Every driver or vehicle with registered Florida license plate should purchase at least Personal Damage Liability (PDL) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Every auto insurance company licensed to do business in Florida must underwrite insurance policies that comply with the state’s regulation, just like any other insurance company in any other state. Good To Go Insurance is not currently licensed in Florida, yet it can refer you to other Underwriting Companies particularly to the subsidiaries of American Independent Insurance Companies. This parent company has a number of branches; at least one of them, the Omni Indemnity Company, in an Underwriting Company in Florida.


    Personal Injury Protection (PIP)


PIP coverage in Florida acts as the no-fault coverage. The minimum coverage for PIP is $10,000. It covers your injuries in the event of an accident regardless of who is at fault (it does not matter whether or not you cause the accident). PIP will also cover your family and other people inside your vehicle (your passenger) as long as they do not own a vehicle. In case someone is riding your car and involved in an accident, this person will receive coverage from his/her PIP for injuries. Another good thing is that your PIP will also cover your child when they are on a school bus. PIP coverage follows the person, not the vehicle. In other words, it can also protect you while you are in someone else’s vehicle.


    Personal Damage Liability (PDL)


Personal Injury Protection offers protection for injuries, and Personal Damage Liability handles the property damage. However, it does not function like “no-fault” because PDL covers damages that you cause to other person’s vehicle or property. The minimum coverage is $10,000.


Good2Go is known to specialize in providing minimum liability coverage for high-risk drivers, but there are also optional coverage or examples comprehensive and collision. All auto insurance policies for Florida registered plates must be issued by companies licensed to sell in Florida. Good To Go Auto Insurance has been working within a network of underwriters for about 25 years as part of American Independent Insurance Companies.

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