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Getting a Divorce in Singapore

Marriage is considered an honorable tradition all over the world. In the same light, divorces will occur, no matter what part of the world people live in. Culture does not change the fact that people still cannot always get along, and seek measures to be officially separated forever. However, if couples are going to divorce, they had better become aware of what the laws are in the country they are seeking the divorce. There are divorce lawyers in Singapore who are willing to help those seeking a divorce in the land. Here is information that should be known about divorces in Singapore.

Getting a divorce in Singapore is a two step process. In the first stage, the Judge of the Family Justice Courts will issue an Interim Judgment of Divorce. However, this does not deal with the process for the children, spousal maintenance and property. These things are handled in the second stage, and are filed under “ancillary matters.” To be eligible to even get a divorce, the complaining spouse must be able to show certain conditions exist. For example, it must be shown that the spouse has committed adultery and the plaintiff finds it intolerable to remain with the spouse.

Other reasons that a divorce can be granted are that if the spouses have been separated for three years, and there is no contest, the divorce can be granted. If the spouses have been separated for four years, the divorce can be granted, even if contested. If the two parties agree to a divorce, it may be possible to avoid expensive fees and lengthy court time by requesting a Resolution Conference with the Judge of the Family Justice Courts.

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