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Getting $10,000 Personal Loans Even with Low Credit Ratings

With traditional lenders hesitant over lending, bad credit borrowers have a tougher time than ever. But thinking outside the box creates opportunity, making even a $10,000 personal loan a real possibility.

Traditional lending institutions are at their most hesitant when it comes to approving loan applications. What this means is that bad credit borrowers find life increasingly difficult, and must look elsewhere to find the funding they need. For a large $10,000 personal loan, this is especially true.

Creative financing is something that has become hugely important in the modern world. So, when a large loan is needed, the task of securing approval despite bad credit requires more than just having a nice monthly income. Approaching one of the alternative lenders is sometimes the key.

The fact is that online lenders and subprime lenders are the most accessible when it comes to seeking unsecured personal loans. But offering some form of assurance to the lender helps greatly in developing a successful loan application.

What is Assurance?

Providing assurance to your lender is all about easing their fears over the chances of defaulting on the loan. Basically, it comes down to offering some sort of security, though for a $10,000 personal loan, an item of collateral must be worth $10,000. This can be hard to find.

Lenders are willing to accept a wide range of items as collateral, like the family car, personal jewelry and even home equity. With them, the chances of getting loan approval despite bad credit, is pretty high since the risk of loss is reduced significantly.

Another form of assurance is the inclusion of a cosigner in the application. This person guarantees monthly repayments, which effectively removes the risk of defaulting. The only condition on a cosigner is that they have an excellent credit rating and have a large enough income to cover repayments on the unsecured personal loan.

Seek a Smaller Loan

Most lenders will argue that a $10,000 personal loan is more than is actually needed. Seeking a smaller loan sum can ease their concerns over the size of the potential loss they might make.

Of course, stating the specific purpose of any loan is a good move, especially when a detailed breakdown of how the money will be spent is provided. But to secure approval despite bad credit, it may be necessary to stagger the spending. Perhaps, small loan of $2,000 be taken out initially, and repaid over 4 or 5 months, then a larger sum of $3,000, followed by a third loan of $5,000.

This is a longer and more complicated strategy, but in terms of getting the unsecured personal loan needed, it works. Also, the terms of the second loan will be better than the first, provided the first is repaid in full.

Independent Loans

There is another route to loan funds, though this is inevitably independent of the official lending industry so no improvement can be made to your credit score. Approaching a family member or even your boss for a $10,000 personal loan can be a cost-effective solution, with the loan often repaid with either low interest charged or none at all.

Getting a family loan is probably the first one that we think of, since family usually pull together in times of financial crisis. They are also the most affordable option as most family members do not seek to make a profit through interest. What is more, approval despite bad credit is practically certain, with the only real condition being there is a family member with $10,000 to give.

Another option is to seek a company loan from your boss. This is often possible because the lender is assured of getting their money back, as the lender is the employer and can simply take repayments from source. As unsecured personal loans go, this is a simple option but some interest is likely to be charged.

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