Get to know the top builders in thane!

The age we live in is marked by high-scale development and urbanization. Top Builders in Mumbai are exploring real-estate options and planning and delivering large-scale, high-end societies for a very modern, contemporary living.

The agewe live in is marked by high-scale development and urbanization. Top Builders in Mumbai are exploringreal-estate options and planning and delivering large-scale, high-end societiesfor a very modern, contemporary living.

Mumbaiis overcrowded and you have people fighting for space all the time. But evenwith this overcrowding, the outer parts of the city are worth exploringsignificantly, because these are untouched by the top builders in Mumbai.Places like New Bombay are developing now and what is great is that that thecommercial and residential projects that are coming here are extremely high-endand promise a great living.

Mumbai’slandscape particularly has changed with the emergence of constructioncorporations that have today become some of the top builders. A great place toexplore in the city is Thane. With its access to the city’s lakes and somereally good infrastructure, there’s no guessing why the builders in Thane are looking at developing and expanding bothresidential and commercial projects in this area. So here’s a look at some ofthe great work done by these top builders:

The biggroup of builders, Hiranandani Constructions, have constructed and developedthe Hiranandani Estate in Thane with 6 residential complexes. These buildingsoffer a range of different size apartments with 12-14 floors in each building.These builders in Thane have alsobeen instrumental in building the Hiranandani Business Park in Thane whichhouses a number of corporate offices such as Convergys, ICICI Bank, Syntel,Axis Bank and much more.

Anothergroup of top builders in Thaneis the Rustomjee builders that have done significant work in terms ofcontributing to the development of Thane. They gave developed the gorgeousUrbania, a residential complex promising top notch facilities and amenities toall its residents.

Anothertop builder that has changed the landscape of Thane is the Lodha Group. Thisgroup promises every resident a very luxurious living. They have a number ofboth residential and commercial projects in Thane including iThink, anelaborate office space, Lodha Supremus, a first of its kind space for top notchboutique offices, Boulevard, an elaborate retail space, and Lodha Luxuria, aluxurious township.

Besidesthese big giants, there are also smaller builders that have done a significantamount of work in contributing to Thane’s development. Some of these are –

SaptashreeBuilders and Developers are one of the few companies that have played asubstantial role in developing Thane with their projects, ranging fromcommercial to residential. While their contribution to Mumbai city has alsobeen significant, their role in developing Thane is something to be recognized.Their contribution to Thane (W) includes the Gaurangi Chambers, Sharda Mandir,Green Acres 1 and 2 and much more.

Anothernotable and topbuilder in Mumbai with significant work in the city is the Acme GroupReal Estate Company. With their motto of housing happiness, this group has beencommitted to providing very modern and spacious living spaces to the residentsof Mumbai. One of their much spoken about ongoing projects is the Acme Ozone, aresidential project aimed at those who like a sense of contemporary andmodernity.

Withsuch great projects coming along, Thane is definitely a place to look out for! 

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