Different ways to get a quick estimate of a house cost

It is really very difficult to get an estimate of a house cost but if you use the aforementioned tips then you can get close estimate of your dream house cost that too instantly.

There are various factors that you need to ponder in order to estimate a house cost and to get a exact estimate of a house is quite hurdle.

The best way to get the exact estimate of a house cost is to find out a similar building in the area where you want to construct your house. Once you find a similar house in the area, you need to find the exact selling price of the house and deduct the cost of the land with the selling price. In this way you will get a rough estimate of a house cost. For instance, if the selling price of the house is 20, 00,000, and the land cost is 4, 00, 000 then the cost of the construction will be 16, 00,000. Moreover, if the total area of the land is 2, 000 Sq Feet then the construction of per sq feet will be around 800. This is not considered the correct way to get an estimate of house cost but you can get a rough idea with this method. If the house was constructed few years ago then you need to increase the cost of material and labor in the calculation because the cost of material and labor increases by 2 to 5 percent per annum.

Another best way to get quickest estimate of a house cost is by contacting the builder who have constructed the buildings that look like your dream house. The builder will let you know exactly how much they charge for per square foot in a residential construction projects. Once you tell them about the features, quality and size of your dream house they will immediately tell you the cost. But you should ask the builder what they have included in the price quote offered to you. If you demand the builder then they will also provide you the list of material required to construct your dream house for free.


Kitchen and bathrooms are considered as the most expensive and vital areas of a house. The quality, size and numbers of window may also affect the overall cost of a house. If you prefer to go with high proof pitches and vaulted ceilings then also the cost of construction may increase. When you are using another house to estimate the cost of your dream house then make sure that the house also has similar features and styles like you have planned for your dream house. If in case the house you are using to get estimate does not have similar features and style then simply go online and type the word “house plans or “ home plans”, you will find various website on internet offering various house plans. Provide the number of rooms you want, the size of the rooms etc and you will get the designs immediately and simply by paying a smaller amount you can download the blueprint of it. With the help of the blueprint the builder will let you know the exact estimate of your house cost.

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