Consolidation Through Loans or Agency’s Services?

Should you choose a debt consolidation loan or to hire the services of a debt consolidation agency in order to escape from your financial crisis?

When debt consolidation has become unavoidable due to the amount of debt you have accumulated, there is still a question that needs to be answered. That question is whether to choose a debt consolidation loan or to hire the services of a debt consolidation agency in order to escape from your financial crisis.

A debt consolidation loan and the services a debt consolidation agency provides are completely different things that have some components in common though. Mainly the purpose and some procedures are shared by those concepts and both should be considered when you need to get rid of some debt in order to go on with your life.

Debt Consolidation Loans

A debt consolidation loan is basically a secured loan (there are some unsecured consolidation loans though) that is used to repay any outstanding debt so the borrower can exchange several loans, credit card balances and bill payments for a single, lower monthly payment a lot easier to afford.

Since the interest rate charged for consolidation loans is lower than the average rate charged for the outstanding debt, by consolidating, the borrower is exchanging expensive debt for cheaper debt thus saving thousands of dollars over the whole life of the new loan. Nevertheless, there are certain circumstances in which a borrower may obtain a consolidation loan with a higher rate provided that the repayment program is long enough to keep the monthly payments low and affordable.

The reduction on the number of payments contributes to avoiding delinquencies from being recorded into the applicant’s credit report. Thus, consolidation is an excellent way to eliminate debt, make your monthly payments more affordable and also keeping your credit safe from dropping due to missed payments or late payments.

Debt Consolidation Agency’s Services

Debt consolidation agencies provide different services among which some offer debt consolidation loans. However, the main purpose of these agencies is to reduce the amount of the monthly payments that the applicant needs to meet every month and that are currently asphyxiating his budget and especially his income.

Also, a debt consolidation agency can get you to make only one payment each month whether it is by offering you a debt consolidation loan or because you pay a lump sum to the agency each month and they handle all your payments for you. However, though most agencies offer this service, it is not compulsory and you can still get to pay the several bills on your own if you want to.

The main task that these agencies perform successfully and that more benefits can get you is to negotiate with your creditors new loan terms that are always to your advantage. These new loan terms include lowering your interest rates, cutting the amount of money you owe by reducing the principal on the loans or balances, extending the repayment programs so you can get lower monthly payments, eliminating stains on your credit history that where reported by your creditors and that affect your ability to get finance, etc. After performing these tasks they usually offer either a consolidation loan or the service that consists on them handling all your payments for you for a low monthly fee so you can concentrate on your own job.

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