Common Questions Insurance Sales Leads Ask

Itis essential for every healthinsurance leadsagent to know the answers to frequently asked questions about his orher company’s products and services. They can’t poss…

Itis essential for every healthinsurance leadsagent to know the answers to frequently asked questions about his orher company’s products and services. They can’t possibly expectto impress anyone if they, themselves, are not as confident aboutwhat their organization stands for and offers to the public. Usually,the details are different, depending on what insurance is beingdiscussed by what company. But, there are general inquiries one canprepare for in advance, so they can promptly convert insurancesales leadsto actual buyers.

Whyshould I get insurance? This question should be a breeze, sincebeing an agent means thoroughly knowing the purpose, advantage anddisadvantages of the product. But, you don’t want to overwhelmyour clients with lists and technical explanations. On another note,you wouldn’t want to underwhelm them, as well, and make them feellike they could pass up the opportunity. What you could do is laydown a few statistics or problems that would relate to them aspeople. Without overselling it, introduce the insurance you sell asa viable prevention method or solution. For example, you could say“Insurance gets you by during those tough times. Tragedy canstrike your family without warning and it will likely entail a lotof money, so you could get by. Considering the fact that 45,000people in America have died because of the lack of it, it seems itis in your best interest to prepare for the worst and not riskbecoming part of the statistic.”

“DoI still need it if I don’t have any dependents and am in aperfectly good condition?” This is something expected, asinsurancesales leadswill naturally test the circumstances even if they perceive it to beimportant. Never get tired of reiterating the future implications ofhaving a health, life, or home insurance. Prepare to calculate costsof monthly premiums versus likely damage, medical or burial paymentswithout the assistance of an insurance firm. This should furthersupport your answers to the earlier question and make them feelcompelled to consider getting an insurance plan.

“CanI have more than one insurance policy?” This is a question thatcan come up during a conversation with a lead, and it wouldcertainly help you convince him or her to sign up for more plans ifyou are able to clarify the condition. Usually, all insurancecompanies permit the purchase of multiple insurance policies whetherthey are of the same or different nature. There are several types ofplans, anyway, in one general category. However, you should clarifyto the client that the company may have to investigate the motivesbehind applying for an insurance coverage that is more than what thesituation demands.

“CanI get an insurance policy for someone else, and can I withhold theinformation from them?” This is a valid question, especially ifyou are talking to someone’s husband, wife, child or parent.Universally, insurance companies allow third party healthinsurance leadsto process the documentation. However, they will require certainexaminations, interviews and identification, which means the otherperson involved will have to know about the insurance policy that isbeing drafted on his or her behalf.

Theseshould cover the basics. However, if you want to appear moretrustworthy, you should brush up on the basic, as well as technicalquestions, and know the answers by heart.

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