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The makeup of the country includes 661 cays, twenty-nine islands, and 2387 islets all within its borders. If you include all the landmass and other subtleties this country has about 5382 square miles. With this kind of a selection of land forms it might be superb to have Bahamas property.

Out in the Atlantic Ocean there is a country called the Bahamas. Made up of a chain of islands, the official name of the area is called the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The makeup of the country includes 661 cays, 29 islands, and 2387 islets all inside its borders. If you include all of the landmass and other nuances this country has about 5382 square miles. With such an abundance of land forms it would be great to have Bahamas property.

This nation is located very close to the United State off of the state of Florida and the island of Cuba. Although the island of Bimini is considered the gateway to the Bahamas, the capital is Nassau and is found on a different island. With 29 islands to choose from it is not surprising that the area inhabits around 330,000 people.

This nation was discovered in 1492 by Columbus. When sailing out to find the New World, he first landed on this string of islands. He, along with Spain, decided not to colonize the area, but captured the natives and used them as slaves. The original residents on the island were called the Lucayans and since being used as slaves the area was deserted until 1648.

After 1648 a group of British colonists decided to settled down in the area. They chose the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. After colonization matured the nation became a crown colony owned and protected by the British Empire. At this time the British Navy eradicated piracy in the area including the famous Blackbeard. The Revolutionary War in America, brought more people to the island that were loyal to Britain. These residents brought with them many African slaves to help with the plantations. Most of the population today derive from the slaves that were eventually liberated.

Prosperity has become commonplace in this island nation and is considered the best in the Caribbean. The economy of the nation is no different from others in the Caribbean when looking at the main source of their revenue. Tourism makes up over half of their economy. One interesting fact about this country is that over half of the workforce is dedicated to tourism. The Bahamas has also developed a great financial service industry which has become the second largest revenue boost for the island.

Based on per capita, the GDP of the Bahamas is a strong third in riches for the Americas. With an ambitious economic plan this nation only falls behind the United States and Canada.

Different backgrounds such as African, British, and Haitian make for an interesting culture on the islands. One of the largest events that takes place during many of the holidays is called Junkanoo. Activities during this event include parades with dancing, music, and art. This celebration occurs on the streets and lasts throughout the day and night. Some areas practice a type of folk magic called obeah. This practice can sometimes use voodoo dolls. Even though this is still practice the government has made it illegal and punishable if caught in the act. Some other popular events include storytelling, regattas, and food festivals. There are so many activities to look at when choosing Bahamas property.

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